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Our Approach

Citrecycle focuses on provision of safe, clean and sustainable lead-acid battery recycling systems for the most marginalised communities in emerging economies. Lead recycling in developed regions is nearing 99%, a true circular economy, but batteries leached into informal markets causes disastrous environmental, health and economic issues. By focusing on these unique markets, our vision is to be a disruptive, sector game changer.

Our Story

Citrecycle was founded based on exploration of how new clean technologies developed at the University of Cambridge could be used for good, as well as for profit. By looking at different people first, we were able to address a global problem whilst unlocking a new market.

Meet the Team

A perfect mix of young, unhibited creativity and experienced, wise business and industry professionals.

Joshua George

Founder & CEO

Visionary and founder with a background in International Development and Social Entrepreneurship with Cambridge University Judge Business School Accelerate Programme and has developed a number of organisations.

Charles Lee

Director of Engineering

Mechanical/production engineer. Has worked as multidisciplinary technology developer over 35 years in a wide range of industries, particularly in the engineering, materials and energy sectors.

Doug Lambert

Industry Specialist

V.P. Battery Technology at Wirtz Manufacturing Company and Consultant with a view to providing lead-acid battery design-, materials-, and process-technology solutions.

Paresh Parekh

In-Country Partner

30 years’ experience in manufacturing, process design and managing delivery teams for the Indian automotive sector.  Paresh is active in developing technology transfer opportunities with the UK and Europe.

Join Us…

We are always on the lookout for people to join the team and for money in order to help us progress quickly and effectively…

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